Firearm Transfers

Title I – non-NFA items are $35 each for face-to-face, in-house transfers.  All other online transfers, including private sales and online vendors, will be assessed a $50 each transfer fee.  This includes all Gunbroker purchases.

Title II – NFA items are $150 each.

Please email us at and provide us your information, the firearm details, and the shipper’s email address so that we may send our FFL to the shipper to complete the transfer.

Only the purchaser can take possession of the firearm(s).
The recipient of the firearm must have the proper permit/certificates/identification/residency to take possession of the specific firearm(s).  Any questions on what identification is required, contact us first.  Any Individual who does not pass the background check will be required to pay all fees and shipping in order to return the item/s back to the shipper.  Alternatively, the item(s) may be consigned with us and the transfer fee and consignment fee deducted at the time of the sale.

WE WILL CALL YOU WHEN YOUR TRANSFER IS READY TO PICK UP.  Even though you may have tracked the shipment and see that it’s been delivered to us, we have work to do before we can transfer it, so please allow us to do that and call you.  Please note that we do not process transfers on the weekend.  Thank you.

Please be aware that we do not transfer firearms for purchases made at the following online stores:
Buds Gun Shop
Cheaper Than Dirt
Grab A Gun
The Sportsman’s Guide


Our gunsmith, George, of Northeast Gunworks, is New Hampshire’s expert gunsmith and provides comprehensive services on all types of firearms..  He picks up items every Friday and returns them the following Friday. (With some exceptions)  Items can be left at the reloading counter for him to pick up.

Optic Mounting

$35 for mounting of items not purchased at our store

$25 for mounting if one of the items (firearm or optic) were purchased at our store

FREE if both firearm and optic are purchased at our store

Mounting of optics is usually done during the week.  If we are not busy with customers on the weekend, we may be able to accommodate; however, typically we do not have time to perform this service on the weekend.  We invite you to leave your items for us to work on when it is not so busy and call you when they are ready.