We consign, trade, and buy firearms.  * We do have limitations on trades and buys, depending on our current inventory and buyer demand, so please call us first at 603-232-6125 to see if we are trading or buying your particular firearm.

* We will always consign.

All firearms are valued with the help of the Blue Book of Gun Values, the current price for the firearm new in our store, condition, and item demand.  When the customer and store agrees to the sale price, the firearm in logged into our books and will require a 4473 form to be filled out by either a new buyer or the original owner to take possession.


Consignment  – 18.5% of sale price, payable in a check once the firearm has sold.

Trade              – 25% of sale price, in the form of a store credit.

Buy                 – 30% of the sale price, payable by check or store credit.